Build trust with the next generation
Breakthru is a marketing platform driving gamification, incentives, and education, to guarantee longer lasting trust.
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Brands we've worked with
How it works
Deliver educating content
Increase engagement with gamification
Incentivize with instant cash rewards
Navigating Partners Through the Challenge of Customer Trust
Before Breakthru
15 sec
Engagement time per person
Of students had heard of College Ave before
After Breakthru
120+ sec
Guaranteed engagement time per person
Of students will now consider College Ave when looking for a loan
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Tailored Solutions for Your Business Growth!
For Marketing and Growth Teams
Supercharge your existing digital campaigns and increase ROI.
For Large/Enterprise Organizations
Create long lasting brand loyalty and trust.
For Retention and Loyalty Teams
Reactivate your customers through education and rewards.
For Community Engagement Teams
Build and mobilize a trusted community of brand ambassadors.
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Seamless integration with your existing marketing channels
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Measure brand impact
Elevated Brand Trust
Increased Engagement
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