Powering brands to build trust online.

We are pioneering Rewarding Content, a new way to engage with youth that combines incentives, education, gamification and inspiration to connect and engage with youth more effectively and, ultimately, build trust.

We are a digital marketing platform that specializes in connecting brands with youth. We foster deeper connections and more meaningful relationships between brands and young people.

A Quest to Empower Youth

Founded in the vibrant New York City in 2018, our journey started with a passion for empowering youth with the financial tools and resources to further their academic and professional pursuits.

Our early success revealed a greater need. We wondered how we could offer more of those life-changing opportunities to even more students.

Initially, we turned to brands on a similar mission, but our founders, who were deeply involved in marketing and technology, recognized that the dire need for trust-building between brands and youth offered a unique opportunity. We realized that if we could leverage our insights to broker trust between youth and brands, we would help brands crack the code on youth engagement, while unlocking incredible opportunities.

The idea for rewarding content was born. We have since partnered with some of the most iconic brands worldwide, reaching and empowering millions of youth globally. And we are only getting started.

Rethinking the Way Brands Engage with Youth.

In the race for the ever-shrinking attention and share of voice, especially with younger audiences, leaders are feeling the pressure to deliver results while their budgets continue to decline.

Desperate to break through the noise, some brands get louder, while others opt for a win-at-all-cost approach that violates young people's privacy, misuses their data and hacks their psychology to get them addicted to their platforms, products, or services. All of which negatively affect young people's self-esteem, mental health, and overall wellbeing, while eroding their trust in brands.

At Breakthru, we believe that there’s a better way.

With Rewarding Content, we are reimagining the way brands engage with youth online. We create more transparent and positive interactions that foster trust and build deeper connections between youth and brands because broad reach without meaningful engagement is not a viable strategy.

We're grateful to be supported by our investors whom we learn from every day.